Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Another day, another awards show!
Hope you're all well and you had a good weekend! I'm off work for this whole week so I'm looking forward to relaxing and having a few days out with my boyfriend, who's also off this week :) 

Today I'm doing a best and worst dressed post on the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which is basically the pre-cursor to the Oscars so who wins at these awards is a good indicator as to who will win big at the main event!
But we don't care about who's the best actor/actress, we care about what pretty bits of cloth they're wearing on their bodies! 
Let's get rolling!

Lupita Nyong'o
 Once again, Lupita has wowed me! I'm loving all the bright colours she's wearing, despite the fact she's a red carpet novice she is taking so many risks and I love it! 
This Gucci stunner has such an intricate, beautiful neckline, and it really shows off her killer body! 
I also love the way she's added a pop of matching turquoise on her eyelids to tie the whole look in, top marks!

Amy Adams
Amy Adams, representing redheads everywhere!
This colour, just like Lupita's dress, really pops against her skintone! It's very ''old Hollywood'' this whole look, despite the pop of colour on the lips and revealing neckline, she manages to make it all look classy and old school.

Jennifer Lawrence
Isn't she the sexiest disco ball you've ever seen?! 
I'm loving this haircut on Jennifer, she really suits it, it brings out the cat-like features of her face.
Even though Jennifer was saying at the awards that she had so much armpit fat it was like she had ''armpit vaginas'', I think she looks beautiful! She hasn't got an ounce of fat on her, despite her comments.

Elisabeth Moss
 Once again, I'm all about the colour! This is beautiful on her super pale skin, and the matching lip is just perfection! Nice to see someone keeping it plain and simple, it's very effective!

Isla Fisher
You can't beat a beautiful, simple, silk dress! It's a tried and tested formula by the queen of glam herself, Marilyn Monroe, so Amy was always onto a winner here! And LOOK at that hair! Wowzer.

Now onto the less fortunate (well, less fortunate for multi-millionaires) amongst us, the worst dressed!

Sandra Bullock
Well Christmas has just been and gone, you can't blame Sandra Bullock for reminiscing about those green Quality Street sweets, they're obviously her favourite...

Kerry Washington
I appreciate that this is custom-made Prada...but I can't help but think those designers at Prada musn't like Kerry very much if this is what they've cobbled together for her!
I'm not sure a crop top for a heavily pregnant woman has ever been a good idea, especially not when the eyes of the world are watching.

Michelle Dockery
This colour is very draining on Michelle's lovely ivory skin, and I find the design of the dress very unflattering, it's too baggy and not fitted or structured enough.
Such a shame, because Michelle did so well at the Golden Globes, her dress was one of my faves!

Amanda Peet
What are my eyes seeing?!
So many ruffles/sequins/lace that I'm finding it hard to adjust, I'm all for wearing vintage dresses, but this midi shocker is just far too fugly for the human eye to handle!

And there we go! 
Looking at the best dressed at the SAG awards and the Golden Globes I've got super high hopes for the Oscars!
Toodles! x

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