Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy - Rave Review!

Hi guys! 
Prepare yourself, because I'm about to introduce you to a new holy grail lipstick for me!

 First of all, the packaging is just gorgeous! You can always rely on Urban Decay to bring you amazing packaging, I love how sleek it is, and the dark bronze colour of the casing.

The lipstick itself is (wait for it...) the BEST lipstick I've ever used!! Bold claim, I know!! But it is genuinely the most moisturising, creamy, long-lasting lipstick I've ever used, far superior to MAC's Cremesheen or Amplified finishes.

Anarchy itself is a beautiful, bright magenta pink, it makes my teeth look SO white and just adds a bit of ''zazz'' to any look!

There's 20 shades in this range so far, they span all the way from a true red through to a deep dark plum! If I was a rich girl I would own every single one! This lipstick makes me want to bin every lipstick I own and just buy these for the rest of my days haha!
Dramatic I know, but these lipsticks are so worth the hype I'm giving them, I'd urge you to try them ASAP!

The only fault I can find with this product is that the bullet is a bit big, so you'd definitely need a mirror for application otherwise you'd go outside your lip line for sure!
 Other than that, they are faultless!

Yes, £15 is a lot of money for a lipstick..but I actually think it's worth it! And considering MAC lipsticks are £15 as well now, I'd definitely go for the Urban Decay over them.


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  1. What a gorgeous shade and it looks very soft and moisturizing too. X

    1. They're so amazing, I MIGHT have just bought another one ;) x


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