Brit Awards 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Hello cuties!!
I'm a bit late to get to this post but I still really wanted to do it :) I didn't actually watch The Brits this year, I always find it pretty dull to be honest! 
And looking through the outfits there wasn't many inspired choices at all, just like my Grammy's post it always amazes me how popstars struggle to dress compared to movie stars!

Best Dressed

(The Mighty!) Beyonce
I mean...what can I say?! She's perfection, I love her hair like that, blonde really suits her, her makeup is bronzed and flawless and THAT DRESS! She looks like she should be queen of the Emerald City in Wizard Of Oz!
Queen Bey hardly ever puts a foot wrong, yet she is always evolving her style, I admire how many sartorial risks she takes and the fact they always pay off.

Katy Perry
I couldn't find any pictures of Katy on the red carpet, so she must not have walked it, but this picture shows off the beautiful detail of her Julien MacDonald dress!
She has her very famous cleavage out as usual, it wouldn't be Katy without it!, but she keeps it classy with the dresses midi length and those gorgeous holographic pointed courts.
I'm not a massive fan of the hair, but I don't think she'd take that personally as that isn't her hair anyway! 

Kimberley Walsh
Obviously Beyonce is hard to beat, but I think Kimberley comes as close as anyone could in this beautiful sheer dress!
It's so delicate and feminine, Kimberley has an amazing figure and this shows it off, but still manages to be classy.
I don't know whether the sheer dress and the bandage dress underneath are all one item or if she put them together, but either way bravo to Kim!!
I adore her hair too, I'm going to attempt a similar style myself soon.

Worst Dressed

Jessie J
According to Jessi, the next big trend this season will be ''frozen, naked corpse chic'', I'm not sure I'll be buying into it myself!

Tom Daley
Is it just me, or is Tom Daley starting to look more and more like Ant McPartlin everyday?! (Sorry Ant, I still love you).
I've never seen a man turn up the sleeves of his suit before, and now I've seen it in the flesh I can see why, also what is with those shoes?! They're like pointy elf shoes, and with the suit trousers tucked in Tom has basically broken every suit cardinal rule in the book.

It seems Lorde is allergic to any other colour than black, so much so that the trend has spread to her lips!
Please god, if you're up there, please don't let black lipstick become a ''thing''!

Lily Allen
Now it's not so much worst-dressed for this one, more worst hair-dressed! But if you have bad hair then it basically ruins your whole outfit anyway.
Black hair that fades into a yellow dip-dye is a new one on me, and I hope it remains the one and only time I see it!
Also the earrings are too much with such an embellished dress.

There we go! Not much to report from this one I'm afraid, it was a dud of a show! 
Roll on The Oscars!!!!
Toodles! x

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