Laura Mercier Signature Votive Candles - Review.

Hi gorgeous people! 
Today I'm going to do a post on a sale steal that I picked up in January, now I've had a chance to test them out!
 As you can see, the packaging is just gorgeous! They come in these chocolate brown glass votive holders which look so sleek and lovely in my bedroom.

The scents are Ambre Vanilla, Fresh Fig, Creme Brulee & Tarte Au Citron.

Ambre Vanilla is a lovely rich vanilla scent with a bit of amber spice in it, it's quite a sweet scent though, if you like dessert smells then this is for you.
Fresh Fig is a more subtle fig scent than I'm used to, usually I don't get along with figgy scents just because they're SO strong and give me a headache, but this is a nice, subtle version. This is definitely the most tart of all of the scents.
Creme Brulee is the ultimate in patisserie scents! All of these scents are pretty sweet apart from Fresh Fig, but this one takes the biscuit! It smells exactly like a creamy, caramelly creme brulee, good enough to eat!
Finally, Tarte Au Citron is exactly what it says, a lemon tart scent! It has the sweetness of a cakey/pastry scent, with a lovely creamy lemon twist, unlike any candle I've smelt before, it really freshens up a room without being too fruity.

These candles are second to none when it comes to scent throw! I thought Yankee Candles were good, but Laura Mercier blows them out of the water! And to be fair, the price-point is much higher for Laura Mercier so they should be better quality really, but it still amazes me how I can have one of these fairly small votives burning for 10 minutes and the scent has filled the room completely! 
So even though these votives are quite small, they'll last a long time, I've been burning them none-stop and I'm not even halfway down on any of them!

Laura Mercier candles aren't available all year round (BOO, HISS) but I will most definitely be picking up (heaps) more when they bring them back in stock, which will presumably be Christmas time.
Lots of love! x

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