Lush ''So White'' Bath Ballistic - Review!

Hello my little drumstick lollies! 
How are we all? I've had two lovely days off but I'm back to work today (boo, hiss!), don't you wish we could all just be ladies of leisure?!

Today I'm going to do a review of the So White Lush Bath Ballistic, I got this bath bomb in the Lush January sales for 50% off which was a steal! I really wish I'd bought more than one because I can't seen to track it down at all anymore! 
But here's hoping we'll get to buy this again soon!
 As you can see it starts off a pure white and then as it fizzes it reveals a pink centre which turns your bath a gorgeous rose pink colour!
It smells really strongly of apple which is gorgeous, but might not be to everyone's taste seen as it is very strong! 
It left my skin really soft thanks to the bicarbonate soda in it, and the numerous essential oils that are always in Lush Bath Ballistics are always a treat for the skin.

I'd highly recommend this bath bomb for a clean, fresh feeling after your bath, I imagine it would be gorgeous in the Summer-time thanks to its apple scent!
Toodles! x

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  1. Sounds like such a nice bath bomb, I love that it's white but changes colour! Lush bath bombs are full of surprises!

    1. I know! The more that pops out of a Lush bath bomb the better! haha x


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