February 2014 Beauty Favourites!

Hello my pretties!!
I haven't done a favourites post in what seems like an age! So I thought I'd shot one up on the ol' blog this month :)

I literally couldn't live without this topcoat, this is more than just a monthly favourite, it's an all-time favourite!
It makes my nail varnish look so sleek and glossy, makes it last longer than usual and, best of all, it dries super fast! Definitely worth buying, and off Amazon it's an absolute steal!

My boyfriend bought me a 200ml tube of this Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and it also came with this 30ml travel size which is all I'm left with now! I've used up the whole of the 200ml and I've really enjoyed using it, it makes my skin feel squeaky clean and moisturised, I'd definitely buy it again but, like a true beauty blogger, I'm addicted to trying new things so I'll be testing a few more things before I go back to this.

I think this has been in one of my favourites before, it's such a beautiful bright green and really catches your eye when it's on the nails!
I've had tons of compliments on it when I wear it, and the formula of these polishes is really long-wearing and shiny.

I got this is a Christmas present from one of my best friends, purely because we smelt it in a shop and I loved it, and I thought the name was absolute genius!
But now I've actually used it I've realised it's not just a gimmick, it's a brilliant product! It's really grainy and I feel like it really buffs off all my dry skin and leaves behind a oily residue, which sounds nicer than it is, I feel like I wouldn't even need a moisturiser after I used this! 
I use it before I shave my legs too and it helps me get a really close shave.

This is, wait for it, my favourite lip balm ever!
It's super glossy, really hydrates my lips and stays on my lips for ages, usually at work lipbalm wears off really quickly but this sticks around for literally hours!

Laura Mercier Souffle Body Creme
I got this set in the New Years sales and it's such amazing stuff! It really moisturises, sinks in quickly and SMELLS like heaven in a tub! The smell really lingers too, I catch whiffs of it from my skin hours after I've applied it!

Another Laura Mercier product! I'm really glad I love these products as they all were pretty expensive, but they're definitely worth it!
You need the tiniest amount of this hand cream to moisturise your hands so it lasts for ages, I got three more scents as well as this one for Christmas from my brother so I've got loads to last me the rest of the year!

And there we go!! I would say I'll try and do a favourites post every month...but I know I'll probably not stick to that haha!
Toodles m'doodles! x

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