Nivea Soothe & Protect Lip Balm - Review.

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It's my day off today, yay! I have a driving lesson at 12pm and then I'm meeting my friend Neil for coffee, and I might do a bit of shopping beforehand, Waterstones and Superdrug here I come!! So a nice, relaxing day set for me!

I'm going to do a review of one of my many lip balms today, I'm a bit of a lip balm junkie and can never resist trying a new one in my vain quest for the ''holy grail'' balm.
 This Nivea Soothe & Protect lip balm was half price at about £1.30 so I couldn't resist! It has standard twist-up packaging and the balm is clear, no tint at all.
It claims to provide lips with ''soothing care'' and ''long lasting protection'' and has SPF 15 which is always a plus.

It feels like a standard lip balm when you apply it, nothing at all special about it, it provides some moisturisation but nothing to write home about, and it definitely doesn't have long lasting protection, I felt like I had to reapply it quite a lot.
I really like the fact that it has SPF 15 and feel like that'll come in handy in Summertime, but as for its powers as a lip balm they're pretty standard, not awful by any means but nothing to set it apart from any other Nivea lip balm.
Nivea Soothe & Protect lip balm is available from Superdrug for 1/3 off at £1.72, link here.
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  1. I hate it when my lips get really sore and dry! I always on the look out for a good lip balm to have in my bag, going to have to pick this up. The price is really good!


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