Oscars 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Hello everyone! 
Well this is a pretty late post, but I've been super busy at work this week so this is the first chance I've had to get this post up!
But that doesn't mean that I haven't been checking out the outfits before now though, I've had all my picks planned since they strode down the red carpet!!
And the best dressed is a monumental list!! I'm so impressed by all of the outfits, even the worst dressed aren't as bad as they have been at other awards shows...well...most of them!

Best Dressed

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita loves her colours, and she's so lucky to be able to pull off these tricky colours, against her beautiful dark skin they look amazing!
This is such a beautiful princess dress, so princess-ey! 

Kate Hudson
I'm not a fan of Kate Hudson, as a person or an actress, but there's no denying she looks stunning here! Seeing her dressed like this makes me believe the rumours about her and Matt Bellamy's split, because this outfit just SCREAMS ''look what you're missing!''.

Angelina Jolie
I really love this dress, it has such intricate beading and the long sleeves give it a different edge to the other dresses on the red carpet, but is it me or do her new boobs look a bit odd? I think they might be a bit big! That aside, her dress is beautiful and she accessorised with Brad Pitt, who can complain?!

Sandra Bullock
I think Sandra might be my best dressed of the night in this gorgeous midnight blue stunner!!
This woman is completely ageless! 
That side-swept hair, dripping in diamonds and the fishtail gown, Sandra is completely nailing Hollywood glamour.

Jessica Biel
I definitely think Jessica is an underrated beauty, she has beautiful milky skin and an athletic figure, which makes her stand out from the rest of the Hollywood starlets, and I really think she's getting all her fashion choices right lately!
The only downside is that pointed shoe I can see sticking out from under the dress.....that's a no-no!
But this pale pastel beaded dress is far too beautiful not to include it in this list.

Cate Blanchett
Clearly beading is the in thing on the red carpet this year, and I'm loving it!
Cate was a big winner of the night both professionally and sartorially! Here's another ageless Hollywood actress, I'm sure these women have a secret elixir of youth! Maybe it's in the $85,000 goodie bag they give out at the Oscars.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
This is my other contender for best dressed of the night! Jenna is often on my best dressed lists, she really knows how to do glamour properly! 
I love how it's fitted on the top, and a bit booby, but not too much! and then it poofs out (these are all technical terms, try to keep up...) into that gorgeous fluffy fabric, adorable!!

Worst Dressed

Lady Gaga
Isn't Gaga beginning to resemble Donatella Versace more and more everyday?!
This is a bizarre look because, as a dress it's not too bad, but everything she's accessorised it with is terrible, and the way it fits her around the bust is very unflattering.
She seemed to have a lot of dark marks around her hairline too, like her face had been taped back, is this a new anti-ageing trend in Hollywood?!

Pharrell Williams
I have no words.....
Ok, I do have a few! WHY? HOW? WHO LET HIM?
There, I'm done.

Liza Minelli
I'm assured that no Smurfs were harmed in the making of Liza's outfit.
But my eyes have definitely been harmed, especially by her lack of a bra, past the age of 25 a bra is NOT optional ladies!!.

All in all, a very successful awards show!! The Oscars really makes the stars up their games, au revoir for another year you beautiful red carpet you, until we meet again!

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