Perfect Formula 6 Piece Manicure Collection - My Review!

Hola beauty bees!!
Hope you're all well, halfway through the working week, anyone else feel like they're constantly living for the weekend?! 
Except I'm working on Sunday this weekend so so much for that idea haha! 

Moving onto todays review! I've been coveting the Perfect Formula nail sets for months so when I saw it on QVC's Todays Special Value segment for £29.88 for a 6 piece set I couldn't resist it! Also the fact that you can send them back within 30 days is a big plus for me when buying from QVC.
 I love the little apothecary style bottles firstly! But the brushes are pretty thin and the formula of the polishes is runny, so it makes quite a mess when you're applying! Which doesn't matter as much when you're using the clear nail strengthener, but with the coloured polishes it is annoying.

In the set you get two of the Pink Gel Coat, one of the Clear Gel Coat, a Daily Moisture cuticle oil and two Gel Coat Color polishes in Taupe and Peaches & Creme.
The Pink Gel Coat is supposed to make the whites of your nails whiter, stop them looking yellow from nail varnish staining, and make your nails look pink and healthy.
This is what it looks like after one coat;
It's not very pink, and certainly doesn't make the whites of my nails look very bright! It's super shiny which does make your nails look more appealing but as for all the brightening claims, it hasn't delivered on the first coat.
Now for another coat, as they recommend you do two;
On the second coat you can definitely see more of the pink on the nails, and the whites look a bit whiter but I still don't think it looked as good as when it was advertised on QVC!
I'm not naive, I know that the hand models they use have the worlds most perfect nails and mine would never look as good as theirs, but I definitely expected more than I got.

The Gel Coat Color in Peaches & Creme;
This is a very pretty colour, a gorgeous peach colour, but this opacity was only achieved with 3-4 coats, for the price of these polishes I definitely expected more! 
Also it took forever to dry, so much so that I had to use Seche Vite over the top, I don't know if that would affect the nail strengthening properties that the polish claims to have, but if I'd of waited for it to dry on its own I'd have been sat there for days!

The same applies to the Taupe polish too, it was slightly more opaque but the drying time was really long and I had to use Seche Vite, it's also a really similar colour to Nails Inc's Porchester Square, which I own, so there's not much point in me owning both, and the Nails Inc is a nicer formula.
The Clear Gel Coat is basically just a clear nail varnish, I wore it at work and it's supposed to be a ''suit of armour for nails'', but one of my nails broke the first day I wore it.
Lastly the Daily Moisture is just a basic cuticle oil really, but in a fancy bottle.

As you can tell, I'm not at all impressed! I had such high hopes for this nail strengthening routine, but I was sorely disappointed!
I sent it back and got a refund within 30 days, thank the lord for QVC because if I'd had to keep them and lose almost £30 then I would have had an even more bitter taste in my mouth about it!!

I'm sure this nail system works for lots of people, I've seen all the brilliant reviews on QVC's website, but for me it was a dud I'm afraid.

If you want to give it a try anyway, this set is currently available from QVC for £32.88, link here
Toodles! x

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  1. Its a shame it didn't work for you, the colour of the pink is so pretty! It is very annoying to spend a lot of money on something and it not be what you expected, its great you managed to send it back and get your money.

  2. The peachy polish colour is so pretty, it's a shame you were dissapointed with the strengthening routine, my nails are so brittle I'm still yet to find a good strenghtening product for me too!

    Just discovered your blog though and will definitely be following!
    Also would you like to exchange blog buttons? If so leave me a comment on my blog :)



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