BeautySheRANTS! - Finding The Right Foundation For Your Skintone.

Hello and welcome to a new series on my blog!! 
We all get annoyed by things and, as I'm British, I certainly love a good rant and moan (plus a queue, Brits love a queue!!).
So I thought I'd start a series where I rant about the most annoying things in the beauty world in my opinion, and when I decided to do this it was a no-brainer what topic I would rant about first, because nothing riles me beauty-wise more than the struggle us women go through when we're trying to match a foundation to our faces!
Like this lady, you could just improvise and use terracotta paint instead, but if you're wanting your foundation to look like ''skin'' then you face a huge struggle!

We all love foundation, it makes our skin flawless and, unless you have perfect skin, it is basically an essential in most womens makeup kits.
But the terrible range of shades is something I've noticed for a while, particularly in the drugstore!

If you want to go more high end then Bobbi Brown are amazing, they're the reigning kings/queens of foundation shades with colours ranging from alabaster to espresso, but their foundations are expensive and not everyone has the budget for them, particularly if they're still at school or college.

I'm an extremely pale person, my skin is always the lightest shade any foundation offers and even then it's usually a bit too dark, but drugstore foundations have upped their game when it comes to pale girls lately with Rimmel and MUA offering brilliant, affordable foundations in the shades that we need.

But the same, sadly, can't be said for dark skinned girls, their choices are shockingly limited and it always angers me whenever I look at the selection on offer!
Take Rimmel for example, their Match Perfection foundation is great for pale ladies, Light Porcelain is a perfect match for my skin, but for a range that boasts to ''perfectly match'' your skin, it baffles me that their darkest shade in this range is barely a medium! 
Same goes for their Wake Me Up range of foundation, they've recently added a lighter shade to the lineup but no trace of any darker shades!
Of course it's not just Rimmel, Bourjois and Maybelline are the same, if you have medium skin then they're fine, perfect for you even, but if you have dark skin you're going to be left with either no choice, or one stock ''dark'' shade that is meant to fit all dark skinned women, which we girls know is impossible, because skin isn't just dark, our skin has all different undertones and shades to it no matter if it's light, dark or medium.

One range that does seem to cater for most skin tones is L'Oreal's True Match foundation, it ranges from very light, through medium to quite dark.
If you have very dark skin then I think you're going to be left out in the cold (again!) but for the most part I think that this is a good range for everyone.

I believe the shade range situation is much better in America, most drugstore brands have plenty more shades and it doesn't seem as much of an issue as it is here.
Something needs to be done about this, it may not seem an important issue to some but makeup IS important to a lot of us, it is so closely linked to our confidence that I can't imagine what it would be like if I couldn't find a foundation to fit my skin or a concealer, bad skin days would feel even worse.
I'm going to stop before I start sounding like I'm running for Prime Minister, but if I was my first policy would be makeup equality for ALL!

So that's my rant for today! 
Does anyone else get annoyed by this issue? It really does rile me everytime I go into Superdrug or Boots!
Toodlepip! x

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