2014 Met Gala - Bumper Best & Worst Dressed!

Hello strawberry laces!!
It's that time again, when lots of beautiful people walk down a red carpet for no particular reason other than to show off their amazing dresses! 
While you're looking at the pictures also play a fun game called ''look who's in the background!'', there's a number of famous faces lurking on the red carpet behind these people, they must all have to walk at the same time!
I wonder what actually goes on inside the Met Gala? I can't imagine there's a buffet....
Best Dressed

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively
 They are so so sickeningly beautiful, if they ever have a baby we'll have to ban it from ever entering a beauty pageant, as it won't be fair on the other entrants.
They seem so happy together as well, always laughing on the red carpet! 
Blake looks gorgeous dripping in sequins, with that figure she could pull off anything! 
And not many men can carry off a velvet suit, but Ryan does it heroically.
(Background spot, Jake Gyllenhaal *wolf whistle*)

 I wasn't sure about this Givenchy creation when I first saw it but now I'm in love with it! I love the dark and sombre look, she looks like she's going to the worlds most fabulous funeral...in a good way!

Emma Stone
 I adore this effortless hairstyle on her! This outfit is so simple and chic, pink doesn't always work on redheads but Emma looks absolutely radiant!

Dita Von Teese
 You can always count on Dita to bring the full on old school glamour! This is the fishtail gown to end all fishtail gowns! 
I love the combination of the crimson and cream silk against her pale skin.

Olivia Munn
 Grey and yellow are one of my favourite colour combinations so I was always going to adore this dress!
It makes her boobies look fabulous too!
I love the little accessory in her hair, it stops the whole thing looking too trashy.
(Background spot, Hayden Panettiere..well her skirt!)

Hayden Panettiere
 The muted colours on this dress are stunning! When I first looked at the dress I thought it was just plain cream, but then I noticed this to-die-for floral print!
It suits Hayden's petite frame down to the ground (which isn't very far to her, admittedly!).
(Background spot, Zooey Deschanel looking very tall)

Karolina Kurkova
 WOWZER! Now THIS is how to make an impact on the red carpet!!
I think only a stick thin model could pull this kind of couture look off, but good for her for taking a risk, this dress might not be to everyones taste, but I think it's incredible.

Arizona Muse
I'm not quite sure who Arizona Muse is, but I'm guessing she's a model judging by her willowy limbs!
This dress is fit for a first lady, or a princess at a ball! 

Worst Dressed

Kristen Stewart
 Grown out roots, a jumper and a skirt that looks like it's made out of an emu's arse feathers, Kristen Stewart is always a delight on the red carpet!
At least she's cracking a smile for once.

Lupita Nyong'o
 Now if you're an avid reader of my best dressed lists you'll have seen this beautiful lady grace them a few times over the past few months...unfortunately she has found herself on the other side of my affections this time!
What.On.EARTH is this thing she's wearing? It's not even ''so bad it's good'', or so wacky that it's amazing, it's just plain AWFUL.
I don't know who dressed her, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say they don't like Lupita much....
(Background spot - Leighton Meester and various other actresses I recognise but don't know the names of!)

Rosamund Pike
 I feel bad criticising her because she looks so happy...but why did she think a skirt made out of a polo neck jumper was a good idea?
Paired with clodhopper shoes and a bodice that makes her boobs look flat as a pancake, this is a big fat fail!

Johnny Depp
 Has anyone else noticed that Johnny Depp is morphing slowly into a character from a Tim Burton film?
I suppose if you play at something for so long you start to actually believe it....

Kate Upton
 Her inspiration for this even seems to have been a cross between Nancy from Oliver Twist and a demented flamenco dancer, all she needs are some grapes and pineapples on her head to complete the look.

Lily Allen
There's something inherently unlikeable about Lily in my opinion, she always seems to be judging people for things that she does herself and trying to court publicity left, right and centre.
But enough about that, let's talk about how hideous this dress is!
Her clutch bag looks like ravioli, her hair looks bushy and wild and the dress seems to be made from pieces of scrap material, I don't care what designer created this dress, it just shows that money can't buy style!
(Background spot, Selena Gomez & Bryan Cranston!).

Who was your best and worst dressed? Let me know!

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