Bank Holiday OOTN!

Hello lovely ladies!! (and men, if you're out there!)
I thought I'd do an OOTN post today, because I never seem to do them! I'm crap at taking outfit photos before nights out or days out because I'm always running so terribly late that I don't have time haha but as I went out with my friends last night I got them to take some pictures for me.

It was May Day bank holiday in England today so last night me and my friends went out to paint the town red (even though none of us were actually wearing red, we were all pretty monochrome!)
 Necklace - Primark - £4.00.
Jacket - H&M Quilted Biker Jacket - £29.99.
Bag - Ollie & Nic.

I got this dress from Missguided, it is quite cheap fabric, fairly see-through in parts! But for £5.39 in the sale I couldn't go wrong! And I wanted a plain black dress to wear with my new shoes, as they're quite the statement and I didn't want anything to clash with them.
It was also fairly short haha so I wore a black bodycon skirt underneath to avoid any embarrassing mishaps haha.
I adore these shoes! They're SO comfy to walk in and I know they're not going to be to everyones taste but I love them, they're so ugly they're beautiful!!

I had a fab night with my friends and I was really happy with my outfit :) Here's a couple more pictures of me and my best friend enjoying some disgusting cherry Sourz (with a photobomb appearance from our friend Sam!).
 Toodles lovely people! x

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