Here's What I Did Last Weekend!

Hello guys!!
I've had a pretty busy week so I thought I'd fill you all in with a post of a few (scratch that, a lot) of pictures from my week! Last weekend I went to Whitley Bay for a night out for my friend Frances' birthday, it was such a fun and random night out! We partied with a man with dreadlocks who cured cancer, saw Little Bo-Peep and stayed on Easy Street! 
 I really liked my outfit that night! The dress is from Missguided and is a really stretchy, comfortable fabric and I adore the print! I love this shape of dress, it's pretty much all I wear! 
The shoes are chunky platforms from H&M, they're super comfy to walk in and I'm terrible at walking in heels so I think everyone would love them.

Then a few days later me and my friend Frances went on our long-awaited coach trip to the Coronation Street studios! Yes, it's a granny-ish thing to do but we had so much fun haha we love Coronation Street so it was something fun and different for us to do together :)
We also got a afternoon in Liverpool the next day to do some serious shopping (haul is on its way!!).
 As you can tell, comfort was key on this trip! We were on a coach for about 3 hours so I didn't want to wear an outfit that was too restricting or uncomfortable.
I've got on some dark grey leggings from Primark, a leopard print boyfriend tee from Primark, a khaki jacket from H&M and white Converse trainers with my beloved Zara bag :)

It was such a thrill looking round the Corrie studios! Now when I watch it on TV I keep thinking ''I've been in there!'' haha even though the set has now been moved somewhere else, it's still weird to think we've been on the old set!
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be back with my Manchester/Liverpool haul as soon as I can! 

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