Jerome Russell Bblonde Colour Toner in Platinum Blonde.

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Today I'm bringing you a review of a product that was kindly sent to me, the Jerome Russell Bblonde Colour Toner in Platinum Blonde!
Inside the box is a little bottle of the famous purple shampoo that all blondes swear by!
As some of you might know, I recently dip-dyed my hair so I need a good toner to stop my ends looking brassy, which my hair has a tendency to do!

The down sides of this product is that it's pretty runny, so when I pour it into my hands I find it hard to keep hold of it in the shower while I put it on the ends of my hair.
Also I found it a bit drying, but most toners always are and that's nothing that can't be fixed with a good conditioner.

The plus points of this product far outweigh the bad though! 
This is a really intense toner, any brassy tones you have in your hair are banished completely, which is obviously amazing! 
I've used purple shampoos before but I don't think this falls into that category, this is a straight-up toner so you would use a shampoo first, preferably a gentle one, then use the toner.

I leave it on for about 10 minutes, I find it works better when I'm in the bath because the heat from the bath seems to make a difference.

Just be careful not to get it on any clothes as it's obviously bright purple so staining can be an issue haha!

I've used this product about 5 times and I've still got a surprising amount left, so even though you only get 75ml in the bottle, a little does go a long way!
You can sort of see how blonde my ends are on this picture, this toner is really helping me keep the colour nice and bright!
Bblonde Colour Toner is £4.99 for 75ml.

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