Yankee Candle Haul!

Hello beauty buns!!
Long time no see, I've not been in the beauty blogging mood for a while so I've taken a little break, but I'm back today with a Yankee Candle haul, always a popular post on my blog!
Whenever the seasons change I always like to buy some new Yankee Candle tarts to spice up my collection, because who wants to burn Christmas scents in Spring?

I always feel like much lighter, fresher scents to perk me up as the months get warmer :)
These samplers came from QVC, they were bought for me by my boyfriend and they're on auto-delivery, which means that I get a new drop of scents every 3 months, this is the Summer drop, and it's gorgeous!!

Margarita Time is a gorgeous zesty lime scent, it reminds me of Bahama Breeze, which is a particular favourite of mine.
This smells like a really fresh cocktail, when you smell it you get that zesty kick that really wakes you up! Delicious.
Citrus Tango is a mix of lemon, lime and grapefruit, so definitely a must for citrus lovers! I like it, but I find that the scent isn't very strong! I also have these scents winging their way to me in large jar form from QVC too so hopefully this scent will be stronger in the large jar than it is in sampler or tealight form.
Coconut & Vanilla Bean was the one I was most excited about! I'm a sucker for anything vanilla, and this doesn't disappoint! I'm not the biggest fan of coconut usually but when you mix it with vanilla it gives it a lovely creaminess, but also remains quite fresh.

Black Plum Blossom isn't plummy as in the fruit, it smells floral with some creamy hints of vanilla hidden in there.
I haven't burnt this one yet so I don't know if the scent changes slightly hot or if the scent throw is any good, but usually the floral scents are quite good on those fronts.

Sweet Apple does exactly what it says on the tin! It smells like you've just cut a juicy apple in half, or like a glass of fresh apple juice, so nice and I can't wait to burn this when the weather gets a bit hotter!!

Orange Splash smells like the freshest Florida orange juice you can imagine!! It's so zesty and fresh that I think this will be one of those scents you only need to burn for a little while before it fills the whole room with fragrance.

I also bought these two tarts but I was so excited about them that I burnt them before taking pictures, so I got these pics off Google.
Rainbow's End is a really odd one, because it's supposed to smell like rain...but what does rain smell like? I know it has a smell but I couldn't put my finger on what it actually smells like! But this tart smells a lot like a mens aftershave, my boyfriend likes it too so I think it would be a scent that would appeal to both men and women.
Green Grass is as simple as the title, it smells like freshly mown grass! A favourite scent of so many people, I'm surprised this scent isn't more popular.
My mam loves this scent, she can't stop raving about it! 

There we go! Have you bought any new Yankee Candles recently? Let me know!

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  1. Ohhh, impressive Yankee Candle haul! Sweet Apple sounds nice! I really need to get some more tarts! ww


  2. I love the sound of ALL of those scents, very jealous! I need to go on a Yankee haul!


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