Bargain Ebay Ray-Ban Dupes!

Hi guys!! 
Look at all the beautiful coloursssss.......*drooool*.
You might have seen these Ray-Bans floating around the blogosphere and on a lot of celebrities recently, they're the mirrored aviators!
Except these aren't the Ray-Ban version, if you don't already know this about me, I live in the UK and we don't get much sunshine so I couldn't justify spending over £120 on the real thing! So I went to the place I always go to when I want the cheap knock-offs...Ebay! 
These came from Hong Kong but I've found a UK seller that's only charging £2.99-£3.99, with free shipping, so I'd definitely go for them! (link here).
They do SO many different styles and colours, here's the ones that I have (so far...);
 The last ones are Ray-Ban Clubmaster dupes too, they do so many different kinds that I don't think I would invest in a pair of real Ray-Bans! 
If you follow my Instagram you might have seen some pictures of me wearing them anyway but in case you haven't here they are :)
 I really love them and think, especially for the price, they're amazing value and I'd recommend them to everyone! 
Ebay is a saviour! 
Lots of love! x

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  1. Taking a look, right bargain and they look so stylish too!

  2. Ah the many joys of ebay, I love those clubmaster dupes!

    // xx


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