Liverpool Clothing Haul!

Hello strawberry daiquiri's!!
You can tell I haven't done a haul in a while because of all the clothes I've amassed for these two mega hauls back to back!! 
You can expect another clothing haul before long as I do most of my clothes shopping in transitional periods like Autumn so you can look forward to seeing jumpers and leggings galore, I LOVE Autumn/Winter dressing!
This haul is from when I went to Liverpool with my friend Frances and we did just a teensy bit of shopping....!
I could have done a LOT more, believe me!

This reminds me of a school skirt but I still love it! This is from H&M, as most things are in this haul (and my wardrobe in general!) and it's such a flattering skirt.
I love the shape, I think this is THE shape for any girl who carries their weight on their hips or stomach as it nips you in at your waist, accentuating your smallest part (oh fashion, you clever clever goose!).
I particularly like this skirt because of the fabric, it's made of quite thick material and the waistband is nice and thick so you get an extra sucking-in effect!
They're still available on H&M for £9.99.

 I got this pleated maxi skirt from H&M too, I haven't had one chance to wear this yet haha! It's lovely and really breezy and cool when you wear it but the weather just hasn't been very dependable, who wants to wear a maxi skirt when there's a threat of rain?

 I got this skater skirt in the same material as the grey one, but in this really eye-catching neon yellow! I love it, it really spices up a normal outfit!

Don't mind those flecks, they're dust on my camera lens, not marks on the top!
I got this basic black tee from Forever21, I got it in a large but I have to say it's tiny!! It's straining over my boobs, and it's a shame cos the material is lovely, just wish it was a bit looser.

I also got this gorgeous half gold/half mint chain from Forever21, it looks really cute with just a plain white or black tee and leggings, it's the kind of thing you can just throw on to make an outfit more interesting and less basic.

Back to H&M! I got these little coral shorts just for lounging around the house and the garden in, don't worry, I won't offend the general public with my wobbling thighs ;)
These were only about £2.99 which is an amazing bargain!

This is probably one of my favourite purchases, it's SO comfy! The fabric is lush and I love how the sleeves are slightly batwing so it looks really slouchy and cool.

Don't these look attractive haha! 
Nice, saggy leggings from H&M! I got them in a size too big by accident so they're not ideal, but even if I hadn't got them too big they still wouldn't be very impressive! They're £5.99 but they're not better than the £3 Primark ones, they both go see-through when you wear them and I HATE that look, H&M do some slightly more expensive leggings though which are really nice and thick.

I got these cute little flats from Primark, they were only £6 so I thought they'd give me chronic blisters but they're actually so comfy! I wish I'd got them in tan and black too, if I see them in there again I'll definitely grab them for future Summers!

I really like this cute, simple gold necklace from Primark, I think it looks more expensive than £3 and it's just one of  those pieces you could get loads of wear out of despite the tiny price tag!

And lastly, I got these super cute distressed rings from Primark, £3 for a pack of 5 is a great deal and I really like the rose quartz-esque look of them.

That's all my hauls up to date! I haven't been buying much beauty stuff lately which is why you haven't seen a haul of those things in a while, I've managed to curb my spending when it comes to beauty at the moment...let's see how long that lasts!!
Toodles! x

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