(Mostly H&M) Clothing Haul!

Hello lemon-limes!!
I really need to step up my blogging game lately, I've been so lazy and just preferring to sit in the house and read or watch TV or Youtube instead of blogging, bad blogger!!
I've been meaning to do this clothing haul for a while, which is why it has a distinctly Summer vibe about it, even though to UK right now is drenched in rain and seems to have progressed onto Autumn despite it only being August!
Personally, I'm a massive Autumn lover, my birthday is in October and I just love curling up under a blanket and watching a film and drinking peppermint hot chocolates and, most of all, Autumn candles are the best scents! It's all warm, fruity scents which are amazing.
I live in my own house now too so I'm stoked for the onset of Christmas (yes, I've busted out the C word already!!) so I can decorate my house!!
Plus, Autumn dressing, can I get a AMEN for scarves, boots and tights?!

As it's still only August I still feel like this Summer clothes haul is relevant though, so here goes!
I bought this grey crop top from H&M in a moment of madness, it was in the sale for £2.99 and I thought ''I'll wear it with high-waisted skirts and it'll look really cute'' and I have to say..I was right! I'm not built for crop tops (my belly is more Homer Simpson than Jessica Simpson) so I thought I'd made a big error buying it but it doesn't look so bad! Obviously I don't wear it with my stomach hanging out, only the tiniest sliver of stomach is visible, but it definitely looks passable!
I would go back for more colours but it seems pointless now that Summer has gone back into hiding for another year.
You can see this crop top on me in a future Liverpool haul so stay tuned for that treat...!

I also got this loose, boyfriend style crop top from H&M, these are the crop tops I'm most accustomed to as I can wear them with skater skirts and they're not as *clingy*!
I love the grey with the bright neon stripes too, such an eyecatching piece!

 I got these snazzy printed trousers from H&M, I love the pattern and I know they're not to everyones taste but they're so comfy and cool on a hot day that I've found myself wearing them all the time! 
I do get a few funny looks in the supermarket sometimes, I assume people think I've come out in my pyjamas...
I got them in a size L to start with but they were far too big so I got M, but I think I could have got away with S because they're still a bit baggy on me after a couple of wears, but when I wash them they're snug and perfect!

I love the colour of this t-shirt, it's simple jersey mostly but has a sweetheart neckline with mesh detailing to make it a bit more interesting.
I haven't found many ways to wear this yet, the fabric isn't very forgiving, it shows every lump and bump!

I'm not a big shirt wearer because of my big boobs, they never hang very well on me and a lot of time the buttons gape at the front, but I couldn't resist this bright yellow number when I saw it in the sale! 
It was £5.99 and I really like how it looks tucked into skirts, the colour makes me so happy!

I adore massive slouchy t-shirts, they're so easy to throw on and I love the feeling of being free and not restricted by a tight piece of clothing! 
This one is a bit see-through so you could wear a vest under it, but I usually just wear a black bra (not to make myself sound like a hussy..).

Skater skirts are a curvy/apple shaped girls best friend!! I almost bought this skirt when I was shopping in Liverpool but I decided against it because it looked a bit wintry, then when I saw it in the sale on the H&M website I snapped it up! Good job I did really because Winter is well and truly on the way!

I got this drop-armhole vest for about £2.99, I don't really know why I got it to be honest, I don't know how I will wear it but even if I just layer it in the Autumn/Winter with some leather leggings and a sheepskin-lined leather jacket it'll be worth it.

Another neon lovely! This t-shirt is so comfy that I'm actually wearing it now, as I blog in my pyjama bottoms and my boyfriends cardigan! 
It's super cute and a staple for me to just throw on with leggings and it makes it a bit more interesting because of the neon lime stripes.

Another boyfriend style crop top! I'm a sucker for a striped top, I just think they look so chic and are simple to style.
This is a bit see-through again, wouldn't be very warm in the winter but maybe with some layering I could make it work.

I've actually since sent this dress back as I thought it looked too bridal on me haha it was quite flouncy and I felt as if I should be running barefoot through a field of barley with daisies in my hair while I was wearing it.

I've had a big love for ''ugly'' shoes lately, these won't be to everyones taste but I absolutely love them! They give me a bit of height but are also as comfortable as walking in flats, no exaggeration!
I got them from Ebay for only £9.99, the listing has now ended but if you type in ''cut-out boots'' in Ebay you will see quite a few copies.

Another pair of ''ugly'' heels! These are also super comfy to walk in, a bit higher than the other ones so your ankles do ache a bit after a few hours, but compared to normal heels they're like walking with your feet in a cloud!
These are from H&M.

And of course I got them in the white version too...because I'm a hoarder....
As you can tell by the scuffs and stains these have already been christened with a night out!
These boots were £19.99 but they are sold out now.

And finally, Converse!! My boyfriend surprised me with these beauties and I have to say, the hype is all true! They're super comfy and give any outfit that effortless cool look.

There we go! I have another haul upcoming too, a Liverpool haul, but that will be a bit shorter I think than this monster of a post!
Hope you're all well, Toodles!

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  1. What a lovely haul, love H&M :-D Been wanting a pair of white Converse for the longest time, they are so comfortable :-)



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