MTV VMA's 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed.

Hello pineapple chunks!!
I always love it when the award show season kicks off because I can do my best and worst dressed posts, as they're my favourite posts to do!
But the MTV VMA's have massively disappointed me this year!! I've struggled to even come up with two best dressed contenders, and the worst dressed list is out of control! I've had to whittle it down, bad times.

Best Dressed

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe looks gorgeous in this sophisticated ensemble, I've seen a few people say that they'd like her to dress more ''young'', but if that means more like Miley Cyrus (who makes an appearance later in this post...guess which list she's on) then I think she should stay classy!
Those pinks trousers are so super cute, and the beading on the top is gorgeous.

Kelly Rowland
Kelly looks like a vision in this beautiful shimmering gown, pregnancy really suits her! 
Her plaited hairdo really adds to the casual glam of this look.

Worst Dressed

Miley Cyrus
Oh Miley, you certainly don't disappoint!
On the positive notes...I quite like her shoes....and that's it.
I won't make the obvious bin liner jokes, you can definitely think those up yourself...

Charli XCX
Charli XCX's main style icon is obviously Tony the Tiger, but she looks far from GRRRREAT!
I can't see the fabric properly, but this looks like it's made from velour, which is to fashionistas what garlic is to vampires.

Amber Rose
Talk about unflattering! Amber has got a nice, shapely figure when she's dressed in normal clothes and not a few sparse bits of diamante rope, but this ''dress'' makes her look like she has huge hips, a round stomach and enormous boobs!
Sometimes less is more, but in this case less is absolutely hideous.

Ariana Grande
There's something I find very strange about Ariana, she's 21 but she looks about 12 and she normally dresses like an extra from Grease, but in this case she has done a complete 180 and come to the VMA's dressed like a trainee dominatrix.
Her face is so young and childlike, it's the complete antithesis of this outfit and, to be honest, it really creeps me out.

Rita Ora
I've probably mentioned before that Rita Ora isn't my favourite person, I find her very try-hard and attention seeking, if there's a chance to be papped with her boobs or bum (or both) out she's there.
This red carpet is no exception, once again I don't think this dress is very flattering, it just sort of hangs there, and I think it's very obvious that she's flashing flesh to try and get people to look at her.

And there it is! The Emmy's is tonight and, let's face it, the famous actors always do a lot better on the red carpet than the singers so I'm looking forward to seeing what they pull out of the bag!
Toodles! x

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