Garnier Ultimate Blends & The Saturdays Live!

Hello lovely people!!
I've got an exciting post for you today because last Tuesday I got invited by Garnier to go and watch The Saturdays live in concert!
We were all invited to celebrate the launch of the Garnier Ultimate Blends line, which is out in shops now.
I received the Sleek Restorer Oil in my goody bag and I've been using it the past few days, it's so nice! It makes my ends feel nice and healthy and has a gorgeous coconut scent!
But onto the event! 
Firstly, here is my look for the night;
 I went for quite a casual look as I knew I'd be standing for quite a while and dancing and wanted to be comfortable, my whole outfit is from H&M apart from the boots, which are from Ebay.

Me and my friend Emma (my plus one!) had a bit of a nightmare getting to Newcastle from where we live, the traffic was awful and our satnav kept trying to kill us, so we arrived too late to get our hair done, but all of the other bloggers had theirs done and they all looked fab!
We sat in a room together for a while and got acquainted and then (eek!) it was time to meet The Saturdays!
Me and my friend Emma had no idea we were actually going to meet them so we were so nervous, but they were all really lovely, especially Rochelle, and made us feel at ease :)

And after they'd signed our VIP badges and we'd got our picture taken we headed out to our seats, which were only a few rows back so we were very excited!!

They had a couple of support acts but we missed the first guy, the second act was a club sort of act called SD:Jem, they were brilliant and their voices were amazing! 
Now here's some pictures from the girls themselves!
 I had a really good time and the girls were amazing, they looked flawless and their singing was fab!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Toodles! x

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