Girl Crush Friday - Rachel McAdams!

TGIF everyone!!
My girl crush today is someone who I'm surprised I haven't featured before seen as she's my favourite actress, after Sandra Bullock, it's Rachel McAdams! 
There's something very watchable and likeable about Rachel, she is undoubtedly a good actress but she always comes across as ''normal'' despite being so beautiful, she's never intimidating or annoying.
From Mean Girls to Red Eye to About Time, she can adapt to a lot of different roles and is a delight to watch, plus she can throw a red carpet outfit together like a demon!
 She comes across as one of those women you'd love to have as a friend, I bet she'd be an absolute hoot! 
Plus, you could borrow all of her fancy shoes and handbags (I don't stand a chance at fitting into her amazing dresses, unfortunately!).
Toodles! x

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