Meet My New Little Rescue Cat Maggie!

Hi guys!
A different kind of post today, more of a lifestyle one about my new rescue cat Maggie!
She's very special, we got her from the Cats Protection League where she was being looked after by a lovely woman called Emj.
Before I get started on Maggie's story, here's a few pictures of the lovely lady herself!
 As you can see, she's pretty stunning! Her full name is Lady Margaret Harlequin Nosebow! Pretty fancy, but she is a fancy young lady!
Actually, in reality, she isn't that young, she's 9 years old and she's been in care for most of her life.
She has a condition called FIV, which is the feline equivalent of HIV, which is nowhere near as serious as it sounds.
It isn't the same as HIV because cats with FIV don't need the lifelong medication that HIV patients do, which I think is something most people don't know, they assume that a cat with FIV will be a lot of work and expense.
A short explanation of FIV is that it's a auto-immune disease that means the virus depletes the number of white blood cells in Maggie's blood, so she's not as able to fight of infections as other cats.
She gets a snuffle, meaning she sneezes and her nose runs a bit, but all she needs is antibiotics and she's right as rain! 
There's a lot of stigma attached to FIV cats, some people even stupidly think that humans can catch the disease off the cat!

She is a spritely, fun cat with such spirit and zest for life, you wouldn't think she'd had such a tough life and it's a shame she was overlooked just because people aren't educated about FIV and make silly assumptions about it.

So if you're ever thinking about adopting a cat, please don't overlook the ones most in need, please do some research and, just like Maggie, it might turn out that their problems aren't as bad as they first sound.
If you want to learn more about FIV then I'll leave a link here to a great website with lots of information.
I'll also leave a link to Maggie's fosterers Facebook page, where she sells catnip mice that Maggie just LOVES, they're £2 each and all proceeds go to Cats Protection League (link here) :)
Toodles! x

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