Girl Crush Friday - Cate Blanchett!

Happy Friday everyone!
The first Friday of Autumn and I have the whole weekend off, yippee! Unfortunately I'm also super skint so I won't be doing anything exciting, but it's just nice to be able to chill :)
Todays Girl Crush Friday is Cate Blanchett! The ethereal beauty who never seems to age, she is an award winning actress with a unique look and style that's all her own.

 Despite being 45 she's completely ageless, she's growing old naturally and gracefully, no fillers or botox ruining her face!
She also dances to her own beat when it comes to fashion and beauty, she's always trying new styles and makeup looks that other people would never be able to pull off, but she carries it beautifully.
Here's to growing old gracefully!

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