Le Couvent Des Minimes Hand Cream - Review!

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Today I'm bringing you a review of a few products I was sent, it's from a line called Le Couvent Des Minimes (getting my French on here!) which is available at Boots now!
A bit of background on the brand is available here, it's a really interesting story and they explain it a lot better than I ever could on my blog!

Gardeners Hand Healer Hand Cream
The first one is made for gardeners, which makes sense seen as this brands heritage is botanist monks, and it's a super thick 20% shea butter hand cream that really hydrates your hands.
It doesn't have much of a scent, just the normal shea butter scent really.
It's a bit thick for me to use during the day so I keep it beside my bed and put it on while I sleep and it seems to be doing a great job at keeping my hands smooth.
I'm not a gardener, in fact I don't even have a garden, but I do work in a kitchen and that is always hard on my hands so I'm a good person to test out the quality of hand creams!
This is a 25ml hand cream, which seems small but you only need the tiniest amount and plus it's only £4.75!

Botanical Recipe of the Minims Hand Cream
I'm so excited that they're doing different scents in hand cream! I love the shea butter ones, don't get me wrong, but I also love a nice fruity scent for a change and this blood orange and rosemary one really fits the bill!
These scented ones are a bit thinner in texture so they're perfect for just throwing in your bag for when your hands need a.....helping hand during the day.
I keep one in my bag and one on my coffee table so I always have one with me wherever I am!
The scent smells like a straight up orange, I can't smell much rosemary but I'm not a big fan of the rosemary scent so that's a good thing for me!

Botanical Recipe of the Morning Hand Cream
This is a similar texture to the last one, except this one is orange and basil scented.
This one is more floral smelling to me, and doesn't smell as strongly of orange as the last one.
I think I prefer the blood orange and rosemary, just because this one reminds me of a cleaning product smell haha.
It's really hydrating and leaves my hands feeling refreshed and renewed, perfect for using whenever you need a bit of hydration throughout the day!
These scented ones are only £3.00 for 25ml, I like that they're cheaper than the Gardeners Hand Healer cream because that one is thicker so will last longer, whereas these ones are ones I'd use constantly throughout the day, but a little does go a long way so I reckon they'd still last a while!

The Le Couvent Des Minimes products, including the hand creams, are available from Boots (link here) and the official brand website (link here).
Prices start from just £3.00!
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