L'Occitane Shea Butter Limited Edition Whipped Collection!

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to do a review of some gorgeous new products I was sent by L'Occitane, the Shea Butter Whipped collection!
These products are available in L'Occitane boutiques and on the website NOW, so click here to be whisked away to them now.
There's also a deal running where you can get all three of these products for £35.00, which is a £5 saving!

The collection consists of a shower foam, a hand cream and a body cream, time for a closer look!
 The hand cream is so lovely and light, it sinks in really quickly and has a lovely scent, like baby lotion! Really fresh and clean.
This hand cream also has a star shaped nozzle so the product comes out like chantilly cream, not a necessary feature but still, look how pretty!
This is priced at £6.00 for 30ml.

 The shower foam doesn't fit into the ''whipped'' category really, but it's still gorgeous!
I'm not usually a fan of shower foams because they're drying on my skin but as this is L'Occitane, I'm sure you can guess that this isn't any ordinary shower foam!
It has that gorgeous, clean smell again, and it foams up amazingly on the skin.
After you've rinsed it off it leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean, not like any shower foam I've ever used before!
This product is £14.00 for 150ml.

Now time for the Pièce de résistance!
This body cream looks a bit like cottage cheese, but wondrous things happen when you spread it on your skin!
A little goes such a long way, probably because of all the air whipped into it, and it sinks in super quickly leaving you with soft, gorgeously scented skin for hours afterwards.
And that's no exaggeration, I could literally still smell it on my skin 3 hours later!
I've never tried a L'Occitane body cream before, I may just be a convert!
This is £18.00 for a 125ml tub.

Aren't these products just gorgeous? I love the packaging on L'Occitane products too, they're very apothecary-esque and immediately distinctive when you see them.
Check out the L'Occitane website for more details on their upcoming collections, and other products.

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