My (Late!) September Birchbox Review!

Hello beauty bugs! 
Time for my pretty late September Birchbox review! 
You can't even get this box from them anymore but I bought it so late in the month that it only arrived on the 1st of October anyway.
I ordered it so late because they did a offer where you also receive TheBalm Nude'Tude Eyeshadow palette free with it, considering that's worth £26.50 this is an amazing deal, as the Birchbox only costs £12.95 and as well as the palette you get some awesome little samples too!

Unfortunately that deal has now ended, I signed up for it immediately and I'm glad I did because the palette sold out really quickly!!
The palette hasn't arrived yet because it's being sent separate to the Birchbox, but when it does I'll definitely do a review!
So let's finally open this box!!
 Oooooooh the excitement of opening a beauty box! Peering in at all the goodies and then tearing into them all!
But I'll be honest, I rarely go into a beauty box blind, I always google them beforehand to check what's inside because I don't have disposable income to order the 50 million beauty boxes that are on the market at the moment, I need to pick and choose!
Saying that, I just pre-ordered the November LookFantastic beauty box without seeing anything that's in it, but those boxes are consistently amazing so I'm pretty happy to blindly buy them.

I thought this was a really cute addition to the box, I put in a little picture of my boyfriend when he was a kid and his childhood dog Gromit, who's now sadly passed away.
I think it's really sweet and a nice extra, but not sure I'd pay the £10 for 5 of these in the Birchbox shop.

 This is definitely the star of the Birchbox show! Apparently a couple of months ago they also gave away a BeautyBlender and this time around everyone who didn't receive one then has got one, and also all new subscribers got one, which meant I was on the lucky list!
I'm excited to use it even though I'm not quite clear on HOW to use it yet, I'll have to watch some tutorials on Youtube.
I'm glad you get the BlenderCleanser too as I reckon this would get dirty really quickly!
RRP £26.00 - Full size

I'm really pleased I got this product in the box because I'm obsessed with these nude colours at the moment! 
This a really nice, non-sticky formula and gives my lips a ''my-lips-but-better'' look that all bloggers love!
I think it would be gorgeous on it's own when you're just looking for something quick, or over a nude lipstick to gloss it up and make it more eyecatching!
RRP £15.00 - Full size is 3ml, sample in box has no size on it

I've seen loads of people rave about these eye creams so I'm glad to finally have a small sample for myself!
Even though this sample is diddy, I think it will last me ages as you only need a tiny amount.
The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I do appreciate a glass container, even if it isn't travel friendly or very practical, who needs practicality when you can have drop dead cuteness?! 
RRP £25.50 - Sample size 30g (Full size 48g)

Urban Fruit Perfect Pinapple
I've since thrown these out because in my opinion they were disgusting!
I'm not a fan of dried fruit, I hate how chewy it is and the general consistency makes my stomach turn haha so these weren't a hit with me! 

This is a really tiny sample, but probably good enough to get two or three uses out of.
It smells vaguely citrus and also strangely like alcohol..but when I read the description apparently it's made from the same stuff that tequila is made out of so that explains it!
I like oils for my hair because I have a dip-dye so it can get dry, but I'm not sure I'd buy a product from such a small sample, you don't really get a chance to try it.
RRP £16.00 - Sample size 4ml (Full size 60ml)

I was hoping I'd get this because I love a good face scrub! I haven't used this yet but I'm hopeful it will make my skin look nice and bright!
RRP £25.00 - Sample size 20ml (Full size 100ml)

And that's my box! The packaging of the box is so cute that I'll be keeping it to store my makeup in for sure, and I'm pretty impressed with the contents, especially the BeautyBlender and my free TheBalm palette!
What do you think of beauty boxes? Are they worth the hype?
Let me know! 
Toodles! x

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