My Perfect ''Autumn'' Berry Lip!

Hello pumpkins!
As I might have mentioned before, I'm obsessed with Autumn! I'm so excited for golden leaves and crisp weather that I thought I'd bust out my ideal plum lip and show you all how I achieved it :)
This is a look that I'm going to wear constantly with lots of different eye looks during the Autumn months, I can't wait to wear it paired with Cranberry eyeshadow from MAC, I think they'll compliment each other beautifully!
Products used -
I really love this lip, I think it's so easy to do and is a easy way to make yourself look more put together instantly!
The MUA lipliner is nice and creamy and I just used it around the edges rather than filling in the whole lip, just to give the subtle illusion of more volume at the edges of my lips.
Then I swiped Rebel straight from the bullet onto my lips, this looks great without the gloss on top too but I think the Revlon Moisture Stain just adds another dimension to the lip, and because I've been wearing so many matte lip colours lately this is a lovely change for me! 

These are all really long-lasting products too, especially the Revlon Moisture Stain, so this would be great to wear out for drinks without worrying about reapplying it every five seconds!

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  1. stunning! guess who's running to the drugstore tomorrow for a new revlon shade???


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