Super Stud Sunday - Jamie Dornan!

Hello jellybeans! 
Sunday is here and that means one thing on this blog, time to ogle at some gorgeous men!
When I say ogle I obviously mean respectfully gaze at them.......
Todays super stud is Jamie Dornan, AKA. Christian Grey!
I've never read Fifty Shades of Grey and Jamie Dornan actually came to my attention quite a few years ago when he had a short lived pop career with the band Sons of Jim! Also he was the boyfriend of Keira Knightley which meant he was featured in plenty of magazines, so that's when I first noticed his pretty face!
And aside from his face, his body isn't anything to be sniffed at either, in fact when I was searching for pictures of him I was hard pushed to find any of him with his clothes ON, which I'm not complaining about...
 All that stubble and muscles PLUS an Irish accent and the fact he's a devoted family man, he is possibly the perfect man!
Toodles! x

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