The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 Box!

Hello liquorice sticks!!
As you can tell from the above picture and title, this is going to be a review of the new beauty box from Latest In Beauty!
I saw this box on Ms Budget Beauty and the contents looked AMAZING! Usually I'm not one for beauty boxes, they're full of sachet samples and tiny little perfume vials usually, but lately they seem to have upped their game! 
This box is £15.99 but it's worth over £80 which is unbeatable value!

It's a lovely sturdy box which you could definitely reuse for storing beauty products or something in, and it comes with the standard tissue paper and all of those paper ribbons that get everywhere.
I was salivating as soon as I opened the box as it looks like an absolute treasure trove! Even though I knew what I was getting I was still so excited to tear into it!
Onto the contents!

Maybelline Stripped Nudes lipstick in Sultry Sand
 I was really excited to get this lipstick as I haven't tried a Maybelline lipstick in the longest time and I don't own many nudes, but unfortunately Sultry Sand is a bit too light, basically the same as my skintone, for me to wear on it's own.
Luckily, I've found a way to wear it! It's great to blot out my natural lip colour, as I have quite pigmented lips, and I used a Natural Collection lipstick in the shade Fig Leaf over the top and I thought it looked like a really nice, Kardashian inspired nude lip! 
This isn't the most flattering lip colour for your teeth though, makes them look a bit yellow so if you're not blessed with Simon Cowell-esque gnashers then I'd say be careful with this combo!
I really like the formula of these lipsticks and I'm going to check out the other colours when I'm next at a Maybelline stand because I think it's great value!
RRP £6.99 - Full size product.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence
I love a spray product for my hair because I'm so lazy, I can never be arsed faffing around with oils and creams, a spray is just so much more convenient! 
This is supposed to protect your hair from breakage and heat damage, I use a lot of heat on my hair usually so this will definitely come in handy!
It smells really lovely when I've used it and it seems to make my hair smoother but this is the kind of thing where you can't really tell if it's working or not for a long time.
RRP £6.95 - 60ml product

Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume Mascara
This mascara has beautiful packaging (although it's a nightmare to photograph!), reflective silver with coral accents to it, so eye-catching and different!
The brush is a spiky plastic brush, which I never used to like but since I discovered Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara I've been a convert to them!
I'm always a bit sceptical about mascara because I have such awful, straight lashes that nothing does much for them, but I'm actually quite impressed by this one!
 This is one coat of the mascara on the left, and as you can see it's made a great difference already! 
It does have a tendency to get a bit clumpy after about 2 coats but I know some people like that clumpy look so it's not a bad thing necessarily!
This is after 3 coats and my lashes are super black and pretty long for me! I don't have impressive lashes so it's never going to reach it's full potential on me, but with what it's working with I think this mascara has done really well, gold star Bourjois!
RRP £9.99 - Full size product

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
I'm not a big fan of primers because they all feel so siliconey and gross, but this one is more like a gel and it melts into the skin like a moisturiser.
I haven't noticed that it has made my makeup last longer if I'm honest, but it feels really nice on the skin and it's a good size sample so I can give it a proper go.
RRP £29.00 - 30ml sample size (full size 50ml)

James Reed Sleep Mask Tan
This wasn't the product I was most excited about, but I've never tried a proper facial tanner before so it's a nice experiment! 
I've tried this once so far and I did wake up with a faint tan line on my forehead so it definitely worked and tanned my face slightly but I didn't apply it very well as I was pretty tired the night before, but it's nice to know it works so I could use it on the run up to a special night out!
RRP £18.50 - 25ml sample size (full size 50ml)

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Makeup Remover Wipes
I've used these wipes once and they're ok, but they're pretty tiny! They might be good just for taking off the bulk of your eye makeup before you do a proper cleanse, but I think it would take the whole pack to take off all of your eye makeup with these.
RRP £6.00 - Full size 10 wipes

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I'm sure everyones heard of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, it's always a welcome addition to beauty boxes for me as I've used it many times and I love it!
I'm currently using the Superdrug Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser but when that's finished I will be using this sample up.
RRP £5.50 - 30ml sample size

And that's what you get in the box! Quite an amazing selection I think you'll agree!! I'm so impressed with this box that I'm even considering buying another one when I get paid...Is that mad?! Don't answer that.....
You also get a free years subscription to Glamour magazine on your Ipad or Iphone if you have one, or even if you don't then you can gift it to a friend who does!
There's also a few offers for a couple of the brands in the box which you can feel free to take advantage of, as I won't be using them :)
If you'd like to buy this box you can get it here for £15.99, whilst stocks last!
I've just ordered the Birchbox and the new Look Fantastic box too so you will be inundated with beauty box posts soon! 
Toodles! x

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  1. I keep getting tempted by a beauty box but have never decided which one to go for. This box looks amazing though, I absolutely love that mascara and the shade of lipstick is really pretty -I'm a big fan of a nude lip. I'm really interested in trying out the james read mask too.



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