LookFantastic November Beauty Box.

 Hello beauty bunnies! 
Time for another LookFantastic beauty box! And hold onto your hats, this one is a doozy!! 

GlamGlow Youth Mud Face Mask
15ml sample - Full size 50ml - £39.99
We're starting with the thing I'm most excited about, the GlamGlow Youth Mud mask!
I couldn't have been happier when I saw this in the box, I've heard constant good things about this mask and I love anything that tingles on your skin so I can't wait to try it!
I know tingling products aren't for everyone and if you have sensitive skin you probably wouldn't be as excited about this as I am.

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream
30ml sample - Full size 100ml - £18.99
I'm always happy to see a hand cream in a beauty box because I have constant dry hands so I hoard them!
This one isn't one I've heard of before, but apparently it has outsold every other hand cream in Boots despite the high price, but to be fair you do get 100ml which will last you forever because you only need a tiny bit of hand cream to go a long way.

Eve Lom Cleanser
30ml sample - Full size 100ml - £55.00
This is a balm cleanser, which I've never tried before so I was (again) excited to see this in the box! 
I've tried it a couple of times so far and it makes my skin feel really nice and soft, I'm more of a hot cloth cleanser girl myself so it'll be interesting to see if this product converts me to balm cleansers!

Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid
15ml sample - Full size 50ml - £47.00
This is a moisturiser which is always handy to have but I can't say it being included in the box has set my world alight! 
It smells citrusy, like the other Nuxe products, and leave my skin feeling nice and hydrated.

Monu Recovery Balm
30ml sample - Full size 50ml - £22.50
This sounds like a handy little product, I have dry skin which gets dehydrated so I can definitely get some use out of this, but the sample is in such an awkward bottle! 
I can't get any of the product out because it's so thick and the bottle isn't flexible enough to squeeze, so a bit of a fail!

New CID I-Crayon
 Full size product - £14.00
It's always nice when there's a makeup item in these beauty boxes, and lip products are probably my favourite things to buy so I'd like to high-five whoever decided to put this I-Crayon in the box!
I'm super impressed with the pigmentation, the shade is Strawberry Souffle and it's a lovely, pigmented red/pink.

All in all this was an amazing box! I've already pre-ordered the December box because I'm pretty certain that it'll be amazing, LookFantastic are by far my favourite beauty box provider.
If you want to grab the December box before it sells out, and it definitely will, then click here and snap it up! 
Check around for a LookFantastic voucher code too, I found one for the November and the December box so don't pay full price if you don't have to!
Bye! x

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