My Birthday Instagrams.

Hello Malteser bunnies!
This post is pretty late as my birthday was on the 11th of October haha but I thought I'd post it anyway as I always like to have a nose at posts like this so I assume other people do too!

On the day before my birthday me and my boyfriend went to see the comedian Jon Richardson live in York, he was so good, I really enjoyed his rambly, conversational style of comedy, plus I think he's pretty cute!
This was my outfit for the night, I will do an OOTD at some point for it.

York is just a stunning city!
We went to Byron burger before Jon Richardson and had a gorgeous meal, Jamie had a cheeseburger (standard, if you know him you'll know that's basically all he eats!) and I got a Caeser salad which was stunning, it doesn't look that yummy on the picture but I assure you it was lovely and I was STUFFED.
We also got hot chocolates at Byron as we had some time to kill and we didn't want them to kick us out haha.
If you ever go to Byron I recommend their vanilla milkshakes too, unreal!!

 I was knackered by the time we got home so I slipped into my PJ's and put my cosy footies on (which I'm wearing right now) and chilled out!

Then the next day I went round to my mam and dads house and opened all my presents from my boyfriend and my parents, I was spoilt as you can see!
I also had TWO birthday cakes haha one is a cake my dad made for me and the other is a massive Jaffa cake, life...MADE.

 Quite an array of gifts as you can see, from a Harry Potter book box set to perfume to a wok!
My boyfriend got me the Urban Decay Anarchy Face case too and these are the gorgeous swatches from it, in love <3

Then I got completely insulted by my boyfriend and my friends because they insisted I am a Hufflepuff, I was so convinced I was Gryffindor that I took a quiz...and that placed me in Hufflepuff too!! I am still disputing this decision to this day....

 Then on my birthday night I went out with my best friends and we had such a good time! As you can see from the first picture we had...a few pre-drinks.....this amount of alcohol led to a night of non-stop dancing, tactical voms and banging heads to next day, always drink responsibly kids....

Then the next day to cure my hangover I went and spent a Waterstones voucher my friends Mike and Lee got me, there's nothing these beautiful books can't cure <3

I had such an awesome birthday and I hope you've enjoyed this post! 
Toodles! x

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