My Week In Instagrams - #2.

Hello Christmas crackers!!
Not too soon to mention the 'C' word is it?....
I've been a bit MIA on the blog lately, not as frequent as I have been over the past few weeks, but I've just been working SO much and I've been too tired to really sit down and blog.
But today I'm going to do a 'Week In Instagrams' post for you all, it seemed well received last time I did one so I hope you enjoy!

 Jensen Ackles...he doesn't need any other explanation, there is always time for me to post a picture of this hottie of all hotties!
We all hate Mondays so I thought I'd offer some support to my fellow workers/school kids!

Then on Tuesday I went for a drink with my friend Neil, who lives in Leeds now so we don't get to see each other as much as we used to.
I hadn't seen him since my birthday so the drinks were on him, and he also treated me to some salted caramel cheesecake which was amazeballs!

 Then on Wednesday after I'd been at work and been for a coffee with my friend Mike I snuggled up at home in front of the fire in my PJ's and tucked into a danish pastry and a cinnamon hot chocolate :)

 And fast forward to Sunday, my only day off last week so I went shopping with my boyfriend to spend some of my hard-earned cash and this was the makeup look I went with! I'll be doing a FOTD post on this look so you can go to that if you want to know what I'm wearing, but I was really happy with this look.
Now...can we get an AMEN for those biceps?! 
I am literally obsessed with The Walking Dead at the moment, we're on season 3 at the moment and I'm completely in love with Daryl!
He totally shouldn't be attractive but my god....he totally is.
There's just something about a man with a dirty face and a crossbow, am I right ladies?!

Finally, my little Maggie-kins steals the show again!
I adore this picture, I'm even contemplating framing it!! 
She looks so adorable, her little paw in front of her face, her big fluffy belly, her cute back legs, she's just perfection!!

There we are! That was my week, not so exciting this time but I hope you enjoyed anyway :)
Bye! x

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