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Hi guys!
I hardly ever do OOTD's, mainly because my outfits are usually not much cop and I'm quite a boring dresser (if you saw the colour palette of my wardrobe you'd think I was a funeral director) but I was pretty happy with this one so I thought I'd share.

 The dress is actually just a jumper from Primark but it's SO long that it drowns my 5'3 figure so I thought I'd try it with tights and boots and I love it as a dress! It was only £6.00 from Primark and you can get it in dark forest green too which I'm definitely going to get my hands on! You can't tell on these pictures, but it has a faux leather trim around the neckline.
My boots are my faithful brown leather chelsea boots from H&M. 
My bag is an Alexander Wang Rocco dupe from Ebay, I've had it ages and it's still going strong, there's tons of listings for them on Ebay and I'd definitely recommend this bag.
The thing that pulls my outfit together in my opinion is this lovely coat! I got it in the Primark sale a few years ago for just £10 and I've got SO much wear out of it!
I wear it with a faux fur collar too when it gets colder and it gives it a whole different look, I think it's such a ladylike piece, I love it :).
Toodles! x

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