Seventeen Lip Crayons Collection.

Hello beautiful people!
Today I'm going to bring you a review of a gift set I got for my birthday in October, the Seventeen Lip Crayons Collection.
These Seventeen Lip Crayons are usually £4.99 each but this set of four is £10.00 so that's a great saving!
The colours range from a deep plum to a nude.
Lip swatch time!
 Here's the nude shade, it doesn't give much colour on the lips, just a glossy sheen really but this would be good for a natural, no-makeup-makeup look.

 The light pink crayon is a really pretty blue-toned pink with some lilac undertones. It's super girly and this is definitely going to be much worn by me!

 Here's the orange-red lip crayon, I like this one and think it will be great for Summer because it's a really bright, juicy colour and makes my teeth look really white! 

And finally, the plum colour! This is a really wearable berry lip, super easy to apply and has good staying power for such a glossy lip product.

These lip crayons are really good value for money, obviously if you like matte lips then they're not for you but if you just want a low maintenance, glossy lip that's easy to reapply on the go, then these are definitely up your street!
Bye! x

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