Superdrug Spa Hydrating 5 Minute Facial Sheet.

Hello and long time no see!
I've been super busy at work lately so my blog has had to take a bit of a backseat, got to earn those pennies so I can buy some nice presents for my loved ones this Christmas :)
Today I'm back with a review of a face mask I tried recently, the Superdrug Spa Hydrating Facial Sheet.
I love a face mask, but I am so lazy that usually when I put them on I can't be bothered going to wipe them off so I end up wearing them for hours! 
For this reason, I love peel-off masks and now I've discovered an influx of these facial sheet type of masks, and I think I might like them the best!
As well as this hydrating version, they do a calming one which I've tried and made my skin feel lovely and fresh, and also a deep cleaning one which I haven't tried but I'm definitely going to!
Now, no face mask makes you look beautiful, you never want to answer the door when wearing one at the best of times, but these facial sheets are borderline scary!! Case in point, the following picture (people of a nervous disposition, look away now....)
I look like Jason from the Halloween films, except a bit melted.
You have to lie down when you're wearing it because it keeps falling off otherwise, so take five or ten minutes to have a lie down and just chill out!
I left mine on for longer than the five minutes it says you should, but it doesn't make any difference really and I just wanted to enjoy it as much as possible.
The mask leaves behind a moisturising residue which you just massage into your face, then it says you should splash your face with cold water and pat dry but I just skipped that step and left the residue to sink into my skin, it felt the same as putting a serum on my face.
It left my skin feeling so smooth and plump, I didn't even feel the need to moisturise after, my skin didn't feel tight at all!

I would definitely recommend these masks, they're only £1.29 in Superdrug and they're regularly on 3 for 2 deals.
Bye! x

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