How I Style My Christmas Jumper.

I was contacted by Bon Prix to take part in a competition they're running currently about how you style your Christmas jumper, so I thought I'd put together a little collage on Polyvore of the kind of items I'd wear with my festive knit this Christmas!
How cute is this Christmas jumper?! You can buy it from Etsy and also there's variations of it on Ebay.
As you can see, my favourite Christmassy colour is burgundy, I think nothing screams cold weather and festivities more than this colour! 
The velvet leggings add a bit of texture into the outfit too, you could always swap your Christmas jumper for a slinkier top and this would be a good night out outfit too.
If you think this is maybe too much burgundy for one outfit (no such thing in my world but each to their own..) then you could always swap out the leggings for some black velvet ones instead, like these cheap as chips ones from Bon Prix (link here).
How do you like to style your Christmas jumpers? Let me know!
Bye! x

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  1. I'm always wondering how to dress my jumper up so this is brill. Thank you! Xx
    Glossy Boutique


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