Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette.

 Hi guys and dolls!
Today I'm bringing you a perfume review, which is a first for this blog!
I was sent this Eau de Toilette by Melvita so I thought I'd share this beauty with you.
I'm terrible at describing scents so I'll just list the notes as per the website rather than trying to pick them out for myself haha.
It is made from 100% natural ingredients which is great for people who prefer natural things over chemical laden products.
It has notes of Bergamot, white Jasmine, Fig-tree leaf, Tiare flower and Virginian Cedar.
Firstly let's judge the aesthetic aspects of the perfume!
I really like the bottle, it's a golden ombre glass bottle, really clean and simple so if you don't like fancy bottles then you'll love this!
Personally, I do like a fancy bottle, the more bells and whistles the better.
The scent is very natural, you can definitely tell it's made from natural ingredients and I feel like it's quite unisex because of the Bergamot notes.
It's personally not to my taste because I love super sweet, girly perfumes like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb but my mother absolutely LOVES this perfume!
She's more into natural, clean scents with a slightly floral edge and this ticks all those boxes, she also loves simple perfume bottles so this is a dream come true for her!
I think it's a completely ageless scent too, you wouldn't smell it and think it was too young or too old for the wearer, it's very neutral so would make a great Christmas present for a lot of people.
The price point is great too, £36.00 for a 50ml perfume in such a classy bottle is really good value.
The wear time is great too, comparable to much more expensive scents. 
If you're stuck for a present for a lady in your life then I'd say this is a safe bet for anyone who likes floral or clean scents, as this ticks both boxes!
Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette is available online and in department stores such a Fenwicks and John Lewis nationwide.

Bye! x

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