No7 Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 1 & 2.

Hello rockin' robins!!
Time for the first post about my beauty advent calendar, and prepare for these because I have 25 days to get through (yes, I get a present from my advent calendar on Christmas day too, SCORE!).
I think this is such a pretty calendar, and what beauty obsessive can be without her beauty advent calendar in this day and age?!
I picked this one because it was only £35 and it's worth over £100! Some of these calendars are £200+ which I think is ridonkulous!! They're supposed to be a nice little add-on to Christmas festivities to me, not so expensive you'd have to remortgage your house to get one (Jo Malone, I'm looking at you!).
 On day one I got this gorgeous Skin Illuminator, this is a beautiful champagne colour and can be used as a highlight, mixed in with foundation to make it more glowy (tried that already, love it!) or just on its own to make your bare face look a bit more alive!
I'm so excited to have this calendar because I haven't used a lot of No7 stuff because they're a bit out of my price range so I can't wait to try all the goodies that come out of this calendar!!

For day 2 I got this High Shine Lip Crayon, it has no colour name on it so I'm not sure which it is, but I think it looks like Daydreamer.
It's a beautiful your-lips-but-better colour which I have a shortage of in my lipstick collection so this is fab!

So far I'm really happy with this calendar, I hope it continues to be so good!
Bye! x

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  1. The No7 calendar looks so lovely, I wish I'd gotten one! I haven't bought one yet this year, and I'm starting to think its a little too late, they sell out so quickly. I have that lip crayon, its such a nice colour. The skin illuminator sounds brilliant! x

    Claire Louise Xx |


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