No7 Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 3.

 Day three of my advent calendar! 
I'm still really impressed with this advent calendar, I think so far it's offered a really great range of products, case in point, this is the first time I've received a brush in one of these beauty advent calendars!
This is the No7 Eye Colour Brush and it retails for £7.25 on the Boots website. 
I love the look of this brush, it's like Onyx looking, very posh! The brush doesn't feel like the highest quality though, it feels quite stiff and synthetic, I've got nothing against synthetic brushes but this one isn't fluffy or dense enough, but I will still use it and I'll report back if I am surprised by it and it actually does a good job.
I'm still super happy with this advent calendar and I am impressed they've included a brush, even if it's not something I'll probably use a lot.
Bye! x

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