Golden Globes 2015 #2 - Best Dressed Men (Hello Hotties!).

Hi guys!
Time to bring some sexy back to my blog! 
There was a lot of gorgeous men out in force at this years Golden Globes so I thought I'd dedicate a full post to them!
Get a tissue, because you're about to be drooling.......

Jamie Dornan
This man is just far too beautiful, even more so with this beard! There's something about a man with slicked back hair, a tidy beard and a really smart suit, makes me go weak at the knees! 
His bow-tie could be a little straighter though, if we're being pedantic ;)

Matt Bomer
This guy wears the hell out of a suit, he's one of the best looking men on TV and his character in White Collar is known for his smart style, so Matt really does have to pull out all the stops on the red carpet!
This colour really suits him, it brings out the colour of his baby blues and the suit fits him like a particularly well-fitting glove.

Paul Rudd
To be honest, this isn't a particularly innovative red carpet look, nice fitting trousers, maybe a tad too long and the suit jacket looks slightly small for him, but I just love this guy so I had to include him!
He has such a happy, smiley face, I can't resist him!

Eddie Redmayne
Only a Brit boy can get away with wearing a velvet suit jacket! 
He's like a 21st century Austin Powers!
It looks like it's not quite black, possibly navy which makes it a bit softer.
Look at how shiny those shoes are too!!
Eddie is amazing in The Theory of Everything and I'm so glad he took home the award for Best Actor on the night, and he looked super stylish doing it!

Jake Gyllenhaal
Another guy who's using the slicked back hair/beard/suit formula to great effect!
Jake is one of my favourite boys to see on the red carpet because he always keeps it classy and stylish, but with a face like that how can you really get it wrong?!

Scott Eastwood
This tall drink of water is the son of film legend Clint Eastwood, and he has inherited that moody stare of him!
Scott looks great in this unconventional suit, he isn't wearing a tie of any kind which might be a bit casual for some but I think it makes him look cool and casual, new crush alert!!

David Oyelowo
It's always great to see someone take a risk that pays off, and David has achieved that feat!
It's a subtle glitter that he carries off with confidence, and look at those shoes!!
I think it's awesome to see someone not following the norm of red carpet looks, round of applause David!!

Phew, I think we all need a minute after all of those hotties in a row! 
The Golden Globes this year has been a plethora of great style decisions, of course there was a few misses too (next post coming up!) but for the most part the stars really nailed it!
Bye! x

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