Golden Globes 2015 #3 - Worst Dressed.

Hello lovelies!
This is my final post in my Golden Globes trilogy, and it's probably the most interesting one (in my eyes anyway!), it's the worst dressed post!
There wasn't many sartorial disasters this year, the celebs did well, but there was still enough to fill a post, so here goes!

Lena Dunham
Now this isn't as big a disaster as previous years (I still have nightmares about her shockingly bad Emmy's 2014 outfit) but I still would like to see her in something more fitted and figure flattering.
Her hair and makeup looks nice enough, if only the waist of her dress was more fitted this would be a much better look.

Michelle Monaghan
Chainmail effect is very 90's, so are the spaghetti straps.
Small boobs look great in skimpy dresses, but this dress makes her look like she has the body of a 5 year old body, shame because her hair and makeup is on point!

Tina Fey
The top part of this dress looks fine, a bit too bridal but otherwise not too bad, but the bottom half looks like one of those puffy, tall hats that chefs wear.
She was the host of the show so if I was her I'd have made sure I made more effort than this.

Rosamund Pike
  I feel bad putting Rosamund here because she looks fantastic considering she just gave birth about a week ago!
But this dress was a bad choice, it hangs off her body and makes her look chunkier than she is, maybe if it was a bit tighter it would suit her better but as it is it's a no from me.

Ruth Wilson
I love Ruth, I think she's absolutely beautiful and she seems like she has a great attitude to fame and celebrity, but this dress isn't doing it for me at all!
It reminds me of a sleeping bag, quite thick and unforgiving material and the colour is quite bizarre and sludgy!

Lana Del Rey
Lana is obviously a very pretty woman, but something seems to have gone awry here!
Her face reminds me of a programme I once saw about men who wear full body and face suits made out of rubber, that makes them look like blow up dolls...If you saw the programme I'm talking about then you'll see the resemblance, I don't really want to put a picture of the life size doll-men in question as they freak me out a little bit....

That's the end of my third and final post on the Golden Globes! I hope you enjoyed them all, I look forward to the next major awards show (Bafta's are next I think?) when I can do the same kind of thing then :)
Toodles! x
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