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Hello lovely people!
Today I'm going to do a slightly different post, the TV boyfriend tag! 
I did the book boyfriend tag over on my book blog Read, Review, Repeat, so I when I saw this one floating around Youtube I thought it would be a fun one to do!
I apologise in advance if I mention the same man twice in this tag, there are certain people (it won't be hard to guess who when we get into the questions..) that are my top top TV crushes so they deserve to be mentioned twice!
1. Most Romantic Boyfriend - This question is so hard for me because I don't tend to go for the most outwardly romantic characters, I prefer a more brooding, pensive character but I'd have to go for Grayson from Drop Dead Diva, if you want that show you will know he's SO gorgeous, but he's also such a good guy, the kind of man you wish would coach all men on earth on how to treat women like princesses!

2. Dark and Moody Bad boy with a good side - This basically describes every guy I fancy on TV but I think the epitome of this would have to be Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU.
He's a cop, so obviously he's a good guy, but he has this dark, protective side that is irresistible to me!

3. Paranormal Boyfriend - Castiel from Supernatural, all day, everyday! Can't get more paranormal than an angel, plus he's sweet, funny, and pretty bad-ass for a guy with wings!

4. Boyfriend you want to tame - For this one I'm picking someone who some might think doesn't need taming, he needs imprisonment...Dexter! Yes, I'm aware he's a serial killer, but he has morals about it, which makes sense in my head....

5. Boy you friend zoned - There's a few I could put in this category but I think the guy I've had in the friend zone for the longest is Sam Winchester from Supernatural.
Yes, he's gorgeous, yes he's a hunk and yes, he kicks some serious arse! But I just don't fancy him, he seems like a great guy, but I think he doesn't have that edge that I like in my TV boyf's!

6. Your soul mate - Dean freakin' Winchester <3 He has held my heart for a long time now and I think he's more like my TV husband than my boyfriend, he's just perfection personified, I wouldn't change a thing about him, call me Dean ;)

7. Boyfriend you want to elope with - I think for this one I'd pick either Patrick Jane from The Mentalist or Harvey Spector from Suits, both for similar reasons so I can't pick between them! I think they both look like they have great taste so they'd take you to the classiest joints when you elope and they would both look fabulous in their wedding suits! I think maybe Patrick Jane pips Harvey to the post, just because of the hair, Patrick has Disney prince hair.

8. Boyfriend you'd venture anywhere with - This one is a tricky one, it would have to be someone who would be able to handle themselves in any situation, and also be a good travel companion (in other words, someone I can perv over) so I think I'd go for Dr Who! (David Tennant version please) He would literally be able to take me anywhere, he's funny, will get you out of pretty much any scrape you get yourself in and is also a bit of a cutie!

9. Boyfriend you want to be stranded on a desert island with  - This one is obvious for me, Oliver Queen from Arrow! He was stranded on a desert island before so he can definitely cope with it, plus he has some mad skills that he can use to hunt food for us or just find us a way off the island!
Plus, I wouldn't mind seeing him on a hot desert island with his top off.....

10. Most badass boyfriend - This is easy-peasy! The only man who could challenge Dean Winchester for the key to my heart, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead!
He shouldn't be good looking really, he's not my usual type, but he's just so bad-ass, but he also has a irresistible sensitive side that makes him seem vulnerable despite being a one man zombie killing army!
That's that! I'm impressed with myself that I didn't repeat an answer here! I was quite imaginative, but between me and you, I would be happy just to have Dean Winchester and Daryl Dixon as the answers to all of the questions, it's true love <3
Bye! x

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