Yankee Candle Winter 2014/2015 Scents.

Hello and welcome to another Yankee Candle post!
Yes, I know, I have an obsession, but it could be a lot worse, at least Yankee melts are only around £1 each!
I also like to blame ''research'' for blog post content, that justifies most of my ridiculous spending to me!
Christmas Garland - The season comes to life in this lush aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries.
This was the scent I was most unsure about because I tried one that was called Apple & Pine Needle and it was so strong and overwhelming it pretty much made me choke when I walked into the room! I know a lot of people love the smell of pine but I just think it smells like toilet cleaner haha.
This is nicer than the Apple & Pine Needle though, more subtle and the berries tone it down slightly more than the apple did, but this definitely isn't going to be a favourite of mine, or one I repurchase.

Icicles - The crisp, winter forest scent of ice covered pine branches with tingly notes of spicy cinnamon.
I've seen a lot of people raving about this scent, a lot of people I know have bought it and recommended it to me so I'm excited to burn this! 
The scent isn't very pine-y, it's one of those scents where it smells cold..if you get what I mean! It smells fresh and cold like the Winter air.

Angel's Wings - Spirits rise on this beautiful airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla.
This is right up my street! I ADORE vanilla scents, they're my favourites, and the sugary goodness and very subtle floral accents make this a really unique and beautiful scent.

Candy Cane Lane - A favourite Christmas place where delicious dream are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.
I'm not ashamed to say that as soon as I burned this tart I decided I had to buy a jar version of it!
It smells exactly like mint Tic-Tacs, which might sound like a weird thing to scent your house with but I can assure you it's beautiful! The right amount of creamy vanilla with a really subtle, clean peppermint edge to it, it's not one of those scents you can get bored of because it's only a light fragrance, I just love it!

I got the medium jar of Candy Cane Lane for only £10.00 in the Boxing Day sales, so check out the online and instore sales and you might still find some of these floating around.
Toodles! x

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