Ebay Bargains #1 | Spring Accessories

Ebay is a great place to update your wardrobe for very little money, I particularly love their accessories. 
They're always a lot cheaper when you get them direct from China but you do have to wait a few weeks for the shipping so it is probably worth paying a few pounds extra to get them from the UK.

I've seen so much amazing stuff on there lately I couldn't resist doing a post about them.
I'm quite a monochrome dresser and I rarely wear colour in my clothes, so when it comes to accessories I like to use them to add some interest and vibrancy to my outfit.

£6.59 - link here
This little beauty is a dupe for the YSL Cabas Chyc handbag, except much smaller.
I think this would look so cute with a pretty little dress and it looks expensive despite being less than a tenner!
I'm in love with the neon yellow one, that would add such an amazing pop of colour to an all black outfit.

£1.09 - link here
I've been getting into earrings more since I got my hair cut short, but nothing too showy, I just like small, eye catching pieces.
I usually wear gold jewelry, I think it suits my colouring and it goes with more of the things I wear.

£5.29 - link here
A good pair of flats are essential to my wardrobe because I'm useless at walking in heels, so I like to get smarter ones that I believe are suitable to wear in the evening as well as during the day, and I think these slightly pointed, faux suede ones tick that box!
 You can get them in quite a few colours, but I don't think you can go wrong with classic black and grey, and who can resist these super cute pastel pretties?!

£2.29 - link here
Speaking of super cute pastels, here's some more!
These little bags are such a bargain at less than £3.00, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't buy them all...
I already own the lilac bag, I wore it last week when me and my boyfriend went to see the band Train live in Manchester because I don't like heaving around a massive handbag with me to a gig, it can be restrictive and I like to be able to keep all my valuables close when I'm in a busy public place.
This adorable little bag is functional, inexpensive and eye-wateringly pretty, what more could you want?

£6.99 - link here
As I was saying before, I like flats to be able to be dressed up or down, and I think these ones would look equally as cute with a pair of jeans as they would with a LBD.
I love the gold detailing on the ankle strap, I think they look very Zara-esque.

£4.99 - link here
I've been looking for a nice pair of smart sandals lately and couldn't find any I liked anywhere, until I stumbled across these nude lovelies!
I really like the subtle gold details on the toe and ankle straps, plus I think they look like they'd be comfortable because of the extra support the ankle strap gives you.

£1.99 - link here
These sunglasses are a trend I've carried on since last Summer, they're a dupe of the mirrored Raybans which I'd love to own but my bank balance won't allow it.
I already own the blue and green lenses but the ones pictured above are rose gold frames and not gold like the ones I have...that's a good enough reason to buy them..right?

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  1. I need to spend some time looking through Ebay, other people seem to find some great bits and pieces. I love the look of those bags! -£2.29?! Amazing!!


    1. There is some amazing finds hidden on there, I'm not one for bidding on auctions and stuff like that but I love it when I find a good buy it now bargain! x


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