The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club #3

 I love receiving these Discovery Club boxes, it's like getting a really cute gift from a secret admirer...except you've paid for it yourself, but we can't have it all!

This one was slightly different to all of the other ones I've gotten because they had a mix up with the packaging so had to send me it in a gift box, but personally I prefer it!
They also threw in a special extra gift to make up for the change in packaging, but I'll get onto that later.
 I love the selection in this months box! There was only a couple of scents I didn't actually like, the Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana are both a bit too floral for me so I've given them to my mam.

My boyfriend really liked the Versace Eros scent, and he's quite hard to please when it comes to fragrances.
That was the only male scent in this months box, which I prefer because my boyfriend isn't as interested in these things as I am.

My favourite scents from the box are Stella McCartney and the Versace Eros Femme.
Stella is a scent I wore when I was younger, one of the first proper perfumes I ever bought (if we're not counting Impulse body sprays) so this is very nostalgic for me!
I like any perfume with violet notes in it too so this is a winner.
The Versace is not the usual type of scent I'd like, the bergamot top notes aren't my favourite normally but the blend of scents in this perfume is really irresistible! 
It's a very strong scent and lingers for hours on your skin which is always a winner.

Finally, the Dolce & Gabbana keyring is my extra present for the packaging mix up, it's cute but not really my cup of tea so I've passed it onto my mother!

To order your Discovery Club box click here and sign up for only £5.00.

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