Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Body Wash

I bought this new shower cream on the recommendation of my friend, who loves the Dove body washes. 
I'm always a bit reluctant to spend money on body washes because I think they're all the same, but these were on offer so I grabbed this pistachio scent and the almond too.

I was hoping that the pistachio would be a dupe for the Laura Mercier pistachio body products and I'm pleased to report it definitely is!
It has a more floral edge to it because this Dove wash has magnolia in it too, but it still smells lovely and creamy.

I'm a convert to these Dove shower creams now! I love the decadent scents and the really creamy textures, they leave my skin feeling moisturised even when I'm too lazy to use any body butters (which is most of the time I'm ashamed to say....).

They're also great value for money, you get 250ml of product for £2.59.
I've got my eye on the plum scented shower cream and the almond bubble bath next, watch this space.....

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