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Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of a lip balm obsessive, I'm never more than 2 feet away from one at all times and I have really high standards when it comes to them!
So when my dad told me he'd bought me some soap and a couple of lip balms from a brand called Jolly Bubbles at a pop-up shop called Maison Royale in our local town I didn't hold out much hope if I'm honest, most lip balms leave me cold because they disappear from my lips too quickly or they feel too artificial.
But I was pleasantly surprised! These lip balms are natural, so they basically consist of a few different kinds of oils and they make my lips feel super soft!

I like the simplistic packaging and the fact that it's see-through so you can see how much you have left.
These lip balms last for a long time on the lips, unlike other stick lip balms I've tried which disappear as soon as you've applied them.
They do some really lovely scents too, the first ones I got were mint and strawberry, they're both lovely but I think my personal favourite is the strawberry, it smells exactly like ice-cream!

I'm such a big fan I went back to the shop myself and picked up three more scents of the lip balm, Pear Drop, Vanilla and Pina Colada!
At only £1.00 each they're so bargainous I'm having to resist going back and picking up even more....

My dad also picked up a rose and orange scented soap too, it smells so amazing! I have yet to use it because I'm using up a Lush soap but I'll be interested to see how it compares.

I absolutely love the Jolly Bubbles lip balms and would definitely recommend them, I'm yet to try any of the bath bombs or candles but I will definitely be giving them a go! 
You can buy them online here, along with the rest of their products.

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