Laura Mercier Honey Musk Body & Bath Duet

I got this Laura Mercier bath set in the Boxing Day sales for half price, it was around £50 before the discount which I personally wouldn't pay for bubble bath and body moisturiser, no matter how fancy and lovely smelling!
But as I got these for half price in the sale I thought it was a better deal, although some people may still think that £25 for bubble bath is a tad decadent....

I love the packaging first of all, the box is really sturdy and I love the subtle, reflective tiger print to it.
The jars that the bubble bath and the body moisturiser are in are glass, which is a nice touch even if it isn't very travel friendly.

With the bubble bath you get the little wooden stick you can see in the picture above (I'm sure it has a technical name...but I don't know it) so you don't have to scoop your hand in the jar and use too much, and it actually works instead of just being a silly gimmick.

The Laura Mercier body moisturisers are great, a little goes a long way and the scent really lingers on your skin and moisturises all day.

The scent is the thing that stands out about the Laura Mercier products for me, my all time fave is the pistachio scent, which is very sweet and creamy, which is quite different to the honey musk scent.
It smells very luxurious, it definitely has that musk edge to it so the honey isn't too sweet and cloying, I'm not usually a fan of honey scents but I do really like this one!

Would I say these Laura Mercier products were better than other cheaper bath products you can get like Dove and Radox...probably not no, but for a treat or a gift I think Laura Mercier are fab, and I always treat myself to some of the gift sets when the sales roll around!

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  1. Love how they committed to the honey theme - with the honey dipper (I literally googled that because I wanted to know the name of the tool hahah).

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. haha honey dipper! I knew it had to have a actual name! x


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