Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner

Aussie was THE brand of shampoo when I was a teenager but I haven't used it since then (and my teens were quite a while ago now) so when I saw it was half price in Superdrug I thought I'd pick up the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner for old times sake!

These still smell amazing, it's not the old nostalgic Aussie signature smell but it's still a lovely, strong bubblegum smell that stays with your hair all day.

The shampoo lathers up well and makes my hair feel clean as a whistle, but I always think shampoos are pretty much all the same no matter where you get them from.
My problem comes with the conditioner, because it's called Miracle Moist I expected it to be really nourishing, but it wasn't, it didn't leave my hair feeling dry but it was nowhere near as softening as other conditioners I've used.

I tried using more, and then less, and combing it through my hair but it always worked the same, there was no improvement.
It's a shame I didn't enjoy this product as it has a lot of nostalgic value for me! Maybe Aussie is one of those things that is better in retrospect, just like S Club 7...

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