The Perfect Summer Candle?

 Summer isn't a time of the year that people usually think to burn candles, but I think they're suitable for all year round!
I love fruity and fresh scents in the Summer, but I think most of you will agree that no smell reminds people of Summer more than freshly cut grass!

If you're a hayfever sufferer then maybe this won't be a favourite for you, but my boyfriend suffers with it and he still loves this candle haha!

This scent does exactly what it says on the jar, it smells like you've just picked up a handful of cut grass and stuck your face in it!

It has really good scent throw, but isn't overpowering at the same time, some scents can linger in your house for days after you blow the candle out and end up giving me a headache if I burn them for too long but this is a perfect candle to keep burning all day for a subtle, fresh smell throughout your house.

I also love the colour of this candle, and the picture on the front is just the epitome of Summer.

This scent was a QVC exclusive in the UK a few months ago, but you can still get them on Ebay so I'd definitely suggest picking up a wax melt and trying it out for yourself.

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